Strength Mala

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Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian and Hematite

Black Onyx The stone of inner strength. It allows you to experience great calmness in all situations, especially those of conflicts. It can also be very grounding and connects you with the Earth.

Snowflake Obsidian This stone enables you to find strength and the willingness to shift your reality for the better. It can be a challenge to be facing hard times ahead and maintain a positive attitude. When you can connect with this stone, it gives you the ability to always see the gift in every situation. 

Hematite This stone lends you strength, courage and fortitude for moving through adversity.

Individually, these stones are great for strength, and used in combination with each other, STRENGTH is at maximum potential! 

Bring love and peace into your life with Sara Ann's custom, handmade sacred jewelry. Each piece is designed with tender loving care and is intended to bring your heart much deserved love.

Strength is available in a Mala and Bracelet. 

All Bracelets are made with one LOVE bead and four Lava Stones.