“Once in a Blue Moon” Mala

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Blue Apatite  This stone looks like planet Earth from a bird’s eye view. There’s light brown veins and natural cracks that run through it and it’s such a beautiful, deep ocean blue color.

This stone holds a lot of power and magic for anyone who chooses to wear it or carry it on their body. The essence of it allows you to connect with your higher self, your Divine self. And not only connect, but truly come to a deeper understanding of why you were put here on this Earth and an acceptance of what your true gifts are.

This stone allows you to open on such a level that you begin to see and FEEL the synchronicity of life’s unfoldings. You begin to experience “ah-ha” moments more frequently because your awareness of them is so tuned in. You are turned on to be mesmerized by the workings of our grand Universe.

You naturally begin to live the life you were placed here to live and you do so with confidence, trust and knowing inside your heart. 

The copper core guru bead allows you to ground into your body and the Earth in a way you’ve never quite experienced. Copper also has incredible healing properties.

The light blue tassel will serve as a reminder that peace lives within you.

Bring love and peace into your life with Sara Ann's custom, handmade sacred jewelry. Each piece is designed with tender loving care and is intended to bring your heart much deserved love.

This is only available in a Mala. No bracelets.