Ocean Blue Sea Sediment Jasper Mala

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This stone is all about stability. It helps you create stability within your mind, body and soul as well as your physical life. Along your journey to stability, you are able to create a deep inner peace, discover clarity, love and compassion. This stone is also known as a “nurturer,” which is great for the soul who feels lonely and, at times, unloved💖 Feeling nurtured and taken care of allows you to remember that you are complete and whole and pure LOVE just as you are; perfect.

The lightness of this stone is pretty amazing! It’s as if all the weight and heaviness of life has been lifted and you get to feel as though you are floating through life.

The Rudraksha Seed as the guru bead acts as a great protector. It shields you from any negative energies and it protects your energy source from being altered by energies of others.

Bring love and peace into your life with Sara Ann's custom, handmade sacred jewelry. Each piece is designed with tender loving care and is intended to bring your heart much deserved love.

Ocean Blue Sea Sediment Jasper is available in a Mala and Bracelet. 

All Bracelets are made with one LOVE bead and four Lava Stones.