Morganite Mala

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There are stones that are so representative of self love and abundance love, and this stone is one step beyond all of that, it's all about Divine love.  

It's allowing yourself to truly let go of all you believe is protecting you and allowing all your truth to come forward.

It's about creating the most real, raw, vulnerable experiences of this life, because those experiences create magic! AND, this stone allows for complete heart healing.

It allows a space for all past wounds and traumas to come to the surface one last time so one can come to peace with all of it; and that purpose is so those wounds and traumas no longer have to play a role in affecting your current and future life.  

Bring love and peace into your life with Sara Ann's custom, handmade sacred jewelry. Each piece is designed with tender loving care and is intended to bring your heart much deserved love.

Morganite is available in a Mala and Bracelet. 

All Bracelets are made with one LOVE bead and four Lava Stones.