Malachite Bracelet

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This stone creates a type of auric shield around you.

The energy and frequency of this stone is so high, that the auric shield acts as protection from anything that doesn't match it's similar high energetic frequency.

When you can connect with its frequency, you will experience more synchronicity and 'luck.'

This stone also emanates the healthiest energy pattern for the heart.

The energy from this stone drives one to create and manifest one's dreams and desires. This stone reminds us all that we have come here to Earth School to co-create with the Universe and that fate is an illusion.

Bring love and peace into your life with Sara Ann's custom, handmade sacred jewelry. Each piece is designed with tender loving care and is intended to bring your heart much deserved love.

Malachite is available in a Mala and Bracelet. 

All Bracelets are made with one LOVE bead and four Lava Stones.