Lunar Love Mala

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Smoky Quartz 

Of all stones, this one is the premier grounding stone. At times, you can feel outside of your own body and having this stone on your person will provide assistance in lessening that feeling. When life feels chaotic and out of control, having Smoky Quartz will help balance those feelings. 

Another major attribute of this stone is the way it absorbs negative energies and grounds them into the Earth. It soaks them up like a sponge. AND, this aspect of it makes it really important to clear and cleanse your Smoky Quartz on a regular basis. 

This stone allows for great focus when you have a project ahead of you that needs to reach completion. Wearing this stone or having it near you as you work on the project will allow for ease and flow as the project will feel it has magically come to its final phase. 

This stone also helps bring your dreams and inspired ideas into reality. 

For anyone exploring and activating the healing world, this stone is great for allowing you to go out and connect with high vibrational planes, and also allowing for your body to return to the physical world in an easier transition. Additionally, if you desire to connect with spirit guides, this stone can help you get there. 

Rose Quartz

This stone is the quintessential stone of LOVE. Having this stone in your personal space allows a loving energy to surround you and activate your heart chakra so you radiate love at all times. When you radiate love, everyone around you can feel it and absorb it. 

This stone allows for deep, heart healing and reawakening your trust within. You can learn to first trust yourself again and then gradually begin to trust others. Because what happens is you embrace love and you begin to embody love and you realize that love heals you, it doesn't hurt you.

There are 18 Rose Quartz beads in this piece because it totals the number 9. And the date of the full moon total lunar eclipse (7-27-2018) totals the number 9.  

Evil Eye Agate (Guru Bead)

The entire purpose of this stone is to shield you of all negative energies. With this astrological event, there is going to be chaos and mayhem arising from all the cracks and crevices of your life and shielding of all negative energies will become really important. Additionally, this stone helps you focus on solutions rather than challenges that arise. So, block out negative energies and become solution focused.