Love Notes - From My Heart To Yours
Love Notes - From My Heart To Yours

Love Notes - From My Heart To Yours

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Love is the greatest healer in the world. 

Love is the best medicine in the world. 

Love is everything and Love is nothing, all at once. 

Imagine, beginning each and every morning with a good, healthy dose of love. 

Just stop for a moment and imagine that. Really see it. 

Imagine how a good, healthy dose of love could shift your entire day. 

THAT is the purpose of this book filled with Love Notes. 

This book is meant to be a companion on your journey to unconditional love, true love, and everlasting love. It is meant to join you as you go on a quest to heal your soul and awaken to the power of love. Real, raw, deep love. 


Below is a Love Note from the book that coincides with the image in the photographs.


My Love, 

When you truly love someone with all your heart, 
there is never goodbye. 

When you truly connect with another's soul, 
there is never goodbye.

Yes, things might change.
Yes, one might leave.

When your souls are intertwined and connected, 
the love you share is always deep within your heart.

I invite you today to think of someone you feel 
you have said goodbye to, 
yet, you still feel them in your soul.

Connect with that.
Discover a way to connect with them.

It is never goodbye, it is just a different point of connection. 

BE more LOVE.


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