Anatomy of a Mala

A Mala infuses healing into your body on a regular basis to help soothe your trauma and bring your body and mind back to balance. Additionally, when your being's vibrational frequency can match the vibrational frequency of the stones essential for you, then your emotional body can begin to heal. 

Each and every single stone of a Mala contains healing properties meant to bring a sense of peace, love and stillness within your mind, body and soul.

These beautiful and sacred pieces of jewelry are all made of 108 beads, a Guru bead, and a tassel. There is a great deal of meaningful significance to every component of a Mala.

The Mala represents your life in its entirety. The beads are all separated by individual knots to show that each segment of your life stands on its own and that each individual segment when combined together represents your entire life. It’s what makes you, you and without every single component, you wouldn’t be complete!

Additionally, the natural beads have their own vibrational frequency and healing components within them.

Why 108 beads? Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. There are 12 houses and 9 planets, multiplied together that’s 108. This number also connects the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to the Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Still not convinced? Your heart has 108 energetic lines that all connect inside the heart and then go out into various areas to heal your body. 

Next up is the guru bead, it symbolizes the guru whom created this piece for you. Traditionally, Malas were created and given to the students who studied under various Buddhist Gurus. These students were gaining the insights and wisdom from Gurus who were well respected and highly doted upon in their communities. It was a privilege to study under someone with such stature.

When the Guru offered this Mala during the teachings, the study was also given a personalized mantra to repeat during meditation while using it. The student would recite the mantra 108 times and then once the Guru bead was reached, pause to express deep gratitude for the Guru who was sharing such wisdom. The Guru bead is a reminder that we all have so much to be grateful for.

Finally there’s the tassel. The tassel signifies the 108 energy lines that expand from your heart. It is a reminder not only that our heart is so big and can withhold and express so much love, but also to remind us to give and receive love on a daily basis. Keeping the tassel close to the heart is a great idea.

The entire Mala is then held together by one piece of string. A string that is strong and courageous. A string that endures and embraces. A string that symbolizes all pieces are necessary in order to create the whole.

Using a Mala during meditation and breathing practices can be healing as well. Imagine how relaxed you would feel if you took in a deep breath and released a deep exhale for each stone on your Mala (108 times).

Sara Ann's collection has various Malas to choose from, each with their own purpose. Even if you are drawn to a particular Mala in the collection just for color or design do not discount that attraction! It is always important to honor your intuition, as there is a reason your soul is being drawn to that particular Mala, it’s clearly the right Mala for you!

There is no wrong decision. This is for you and your spiritual healing so it’s always best to make the decision based on what feels right for YOU.