About Sara Ann

“We are always only one decision away from changing our lives.
Choose wisely and come ALIVE!”

Sara Ann is a passionate woman from Wrightstown, Wisconsin. She’s lived a colorful life full of trials and tribulations and after deciding to leave her 14 year career with the FBI, she began her own journey of healing. She came to understand and believe that this lifetime here in Earth School is about continual expansion of her consciousness, awareness and self- love.

On her journey of healing, she discovered the spiritual art of Malas and was immediately drawn to their purpose and power. After creating her own Mala she decided to share her newfound talent with others, thus her business was born. She knows the power a Mala can bring to someone’s life because they’ve brought her such clarity, drive and understanding.

Her first Mala was Amazonite, which is all about speaking your truth. It’s about having the courage to stand in your own power and speak from your heart, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Her Amazonite Mala represented exactly what she needed at that time, the strength and courage to leave her career that had become unfulfilling and create a new life for herself. 

Sara Ann also loves being outdoors in nature; her passions include the beach, hiking, skiing and collecting rocks and she loves nothing more than being one with Mother Earth. In fact, LOVE is her true purpose in this world. She believes she is meant to take a huge stand in the name of love and use the power of her own story and life to share that message with the entire world.

Her Malas and bracelets represent the opportunity to reach more people and spread love and healing.

As a natural giver Sara Ann focuses on helping anyone less fortunate and blessed than herself. For her, giving is the truest expression of love.

That is why 10% of all proceeds from Sara Ann’s Malas and bracelets will go directly to sponsoring a service dog with Paws'itive Teams, an organization that trains service dogs for the mobility challenged and military veterans suffering from PTSD.

Each person is responsible for healing their own soul and emotional body, a Mala simply aids in each individual’s journey however they may need guidance.

Because Sara Ann believes so strongly that LOVE will heal the world, she sends out daily LOVE Notes.  If you want to start your day filling your heart with LOVE, please join Sara Ann's LOVE NOTES here.

Sara Ann sends big LOVE from her heart to yours.