What is a Mala?

What is a Mala?

It is so much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear. It is Sacred Jewelry.

Traditionally, there are always 108 beads along with 1 guru bead. If you look carefully, there are hand tied knots between each bead. This represents each individual chapter of you and your life, showing you that one chapter does not define you.

Rather, every single chapter and component of you make up your entire life. If you didn't experience each individual chapter and component of you, your life couldn't be complete. AND, one little portion doesn't define you either.

What do you do with a Mala?

You wear it, proudly, of course!

You use it to breath and meditate. If you experience anxiety, Malas are a fabulous tool, because when you take deep breaths for each bead (108 times) you can't help but calm your entire central nervous system down.

Also, the energy of the beads surround you and guide you. This is why it's important to have your Mala handcrafted because then you know you are surrounded with all the good juju you need! Especially if you can get a piece designed specifically for you and your soul. 

What does the thread and Guru bead represent?

There is one long piece of thread used to create a traditional Mala with knots in between each bead, which has already been explained.  At the base of the Guru bead, there are two knots. One knot is to repel negative energies and thoughts and one knot is to attract positive energy and thoughts.

Then, this thread attaches the tassel to the Mala.  The tassel is wrapped five times to represent earth, wind, fire, sun and moon. The Guru bead harness ALL of the energy from you and your daily practices. It is the power house.

When you are using Mala for breathing and meditation, it is very important that you do not pass over the Guru bead. You must protect the Guru bead so it can protect you. 

In the traditional use of the Mala, each time you reach the Guru bead during meditation, it is time for pause and an expression of gratitude. Gratitude for the Guru who gifted you with the beautiful Mala and the Guru who is gifting you with all their knowledge and wisdom. 

Where can you pause in your daily life to breathe, meditate and express gratitude for all this life has to offer? 

Create more peace. Create more love. Be more LOVE. 

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