Take Care of Yourself

A lot of people don't meditate simply because they don't know how. However, meditation is healing for the body, mind, and soul. And, the good news is that you can’t really mess it up!

In my opinion, there is no wrong way to meditate. Everyone finds their own way that feels really good to them. The entire purpose is to allow yourself to connect with your heart.

Here are two suggestions I always share with anyone desiring to add meditation into their daily rituals and isn’t quite sure how to do it.

1. Start with ten minutes.
Have you ever sat in silence with yourself for ten minutes?

It can feel like an eternity. I recommend setting a timer. This way your mind can let go about the time.

Place your body in a very comfortable position, either sitting or laying down. If you feel that sitting will be uncomfortable or distracting or you will fidget, then lay down.

Once you are in a comfortable position and you have set the timer, decide what you would like to do with you hands.

Hand position options:

  • lay them down at your side, place your hands on your upper thighs
  • place the back of your hands on your thighs and hold your thumb and pointer finger together so they form the shape of a circle
  • place your palms together in prayer position at your heart
  • place your palms over your heart
  • Interlace your fingers and rest them at your lower belly area 
  • OR, any other position that you might find more comfortable

Then, once you are completely comfortable and in position, close your eyes.

Allow yourself to just be.

The goal is to turn off the brain and the thinking. This is very challenging for everyone, so you are not alone. If you have thoughts enter the mind, acknowledge them and do your best to allow them to disappear for your time of silence. Be gentle with yourself, because this is a challenge for everyone. 

In the beginning, I find it is best if you have something to focus on.

You can chose to focus on the beating of your heart. This will allow you to really tune into your heart. The organ that keeps you alive. Being in touch with your heart, its beating, can be very calming. If you chose to lay down for meditation, placing your hands over your heart and focusing on your heart beating, feeling your heart beating can be soothing and calming to your emotional body. Another area of focus can be on your breath. Mala Beads can be extremely helpful for the breath focus.

2. Use Mala Beads to offer assistance.
There are several ways to use Mala beads, and the one I want to share with you today is breathing.

Traditional Malas are made with 108 beads. A great relaxation and calming practice is to use your Mala and take in a deep inhale and release a deep exhale for each bead. Imagine how calm and relaxed your body would feel after 108 deep inhales and deep exhales?

It is incredible. You can practice this without a Mala, of course. The Mala is a tool that allows you to completely focus your attention on your breath, lungs and heart while your mind can rest and relax. The Mala keeps count for you so your mind doesn’t need to work.

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