Imagine what our world would be like if everyone felt blissfully whole.

Every person is on their own sacred journey for healing their mind, their emotional body and their soul.
The only true solution is love.

Love is the very thing that will heal our world.

Chances are you are here because you are in search of something missing in your life. Maybe it’s clarity, maybe it’s closure, maybe it's love, maybe you are not even sure but it’s safe to say you’re looking for something.

Chances are you feel your soul searching for something that’s missing.

Sara Ann's Malas

Anatomy of the Mala

These beautiful and sacred pieces of jewelry are all made of 108 beads, a Guru bead, and a tassel.

There is a great deal of meaningful significance to every component of a Mala.

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A Sacred Journey

If a one-of-a-kind, custom designed Mala created specifically for you is what you desire, then join me on A Sacred Journey.

Having a custom Mala furthers the healing of your sacred wounds even deeper because everything is tailor-made for you.

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The Collection

Shop Sara Ann's Mala Collection.

10% of all proceeds from Sara Ann’s Malas and bracelets will go directly to sponsoring a service dog with Paws'itive Teams, an organization that trains service dogs for the mobility challenged and military veterans suffering from PTSD.

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The Love Notes Book

Fill your heart each morning with Love Notes, from my heart to yours. A beautifully designed book intended to bring hope, peace, faith and love straight into your heart. 

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Absolutely LOVE my new mala beads Sara Ann made for me! She made me an awesome masculine, silver and black, yin and yang necklace. I was pleasantly surprised to have received my mala in the mail very quickly after the initial purchase (I think within 3 days or so.) I also found her various YouTube instructional videos very helpful. I would definitely recommend Sara Ann to anyone without hesitation! 

Colton McCullah

I wanted a Mala to mediate with. Sara Ann showed me pictures of Malas she had made for other people. They were all beautiful, but none really spoke to me. In a leap of faith, I selected three beads I felt represented the essence of me. Jade, Tiger Eye and Amethyst. I had no idea if the three would go well together. Sara Ann's creation of these three beads turned out beautifully. It brings me calmness and joy every time I wear it, and I wear it often. I constantly get compliments on it as well. 

Cynthia Guan

I saw the Malas on Facebook and I thought the colors and meanings were so powerful. I reached out to Sara Ann for more information and ideas about what would work for me. She had such great ideas and was so passionate about the energy and message in the Malas.  She worked through different ideas and colors until we found the perfect fit. I love my Mala! She designed and shipped it to Wisconsin in just a few days.  Thank you Sara Ann! 

Jeanette Roskom Ehnerd

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Handcrafted and handmade Malas hanging on display at Legacy Brewing Company. Photograph taken by Rachel Smith Photography.

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